Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose Happy Dogs Daycare and Boarding
to care for my dog?

Because you want the best possible care for your dog! There is no better way than to let them become part of our family for their stay. Dog lovers trust us because they know their dog will be treated like one of our own, and we have a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations.

What will my dog eat at Happy Dogs?

We REQUIRE that you bring enough of your dog’s food, packaged in individual servings, to cover the entire stay. We have found that changing food frequently results in upset tummies.

What if my dog gets sick?

We monitor all guests carefully throughout the day. If there are any problems that we cannot handle, the first thing we will do is contact you to discuss it. If we are unable to reach you and the dog needs medical attention we will take it to your vet, if possible. If not, we will take it to a local vet. All vet visits are the financial responsibility of the owner. We do not charge a transport fee for these situations.

What if my dog has special needs?

We frequently board dogs that have restricted or special diets, dogs that need medication, blind and/or deaf dogs and older dogs that need extra TLC. However, we are not staffed to provide veterinary care, so please carefully consider your dog’s needs before leaving them in our care.

Can you administer my pet’s medication?

Yes, we do this regularly. We label all medications and give them at the appropriate time. Unlike many boarding facilities, we do not charge extra for this.

Can I bring toys and bedding for my dog?

Absolutely! Many dog owners like to bring something that the dog is familiar with—a blanket, a bed, a favorite toy, etc. If you are training your dog to sleep in a crate at night, we ask that you bring a personal item such as a t-shirt that has not been washed. It will be comforting to your dog to have your scent in their crate. We find that quite frequently dogs love to play musical beds, so we cannot be responsible for bedding or toys.

Do you offer grooming services?

While we do not offer on-site grooming, if you want your dog professionally groomed we will be happy to arrange grooming by a local groomer or by your groomer. You will be billed for their charge as well as a transport fee by us.