At Happy Dogs Daycare and Inn, we pride ourselves on having an environment that is immaculate, sanitary, healthy and safe. The following requirements are mandatory for all guests and are intended for everyone’s protection:

  • Pre-reservation visit
  • All dogs six months of age and older must be either spayed or neutered
  • All vaccinations must be current and proof must be shown prior to check-in:
    • Rabies
    • DA2PP
    • Bordetella

We also accept titers in lieu of vaccinations. If your veterinarian recommends that your dog not be vaccinated, please call us to discuss your pet’s special needs.

Dogs must be on flea treatment such as Frontline, Advantage or Revolution. As with vaccinations requirements above, if your veterinarian recommends that your pet not be on flea treatment please call us to discuss your pet’s special needs. Flea treatment must have been applied at least 48 hours prior to arrival. All dogs are checked for fleas upon arrival. If necessary, dogs are bathed or administered Capstar at owners expense.

Happy Dogs requires evidence of the above vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian by facsimile, email or hand delivery PRIOR to the date the guest is to arrive. Happy Dogs may not be able to enroll or house the pet if the required records are not received in advance. No hand-written records or owner-administered vaccinations are acceptable.

We encourage a pre-reservation visit prior to your dog staying with us for the first time. This visit allows you to see our facility and meet us and our dogs.  We also cannot accept any dog that shows any sign of aggression to other dogs or to people. The visit also ensures that your pet is familiar with us and will not be traumatized when left for a longer time, and allows you to feel more confident when leaving your pet behind for the first time.  If your dog has never been boarded before, you may want to leave the dog with us for a 1-2 hour trial visit.  This allows your dog to become acquainted with our facility and with us.  Most importantly, when you return and pick up your dog, your pet knows that he/she was not abandoned! For older dogs that have never been boarded you may wish to schedule a daycare and/or overnight visit prior to your pet’s stay.

Although we love big dogs, we’re sorry that at this time we are only able to accommodate small dogs 30 lbs. and under.  We do not accept males who mark in the house.