Owners Donna and Jim Smith designed Happy Dogs Daycare and Inn with their own dogs in mind.  At Happy Dogs, your best friend is allowed to lounge on the living room couch while snoozing or watching television, or maybe take a nap on one of the many cozy dog beds scattered around. However, we know that dogs also want lots of play and activity, so we‘ve designed a huge fenced play yard where they can romp and sniff to their hearts’ delight.

Most importantly, there are no kennel runs on this property. There is no separate building where your pet is isolated or left alone. There are crates for those pets whose owners want them crated at night. There are also “puppy pens” for our senior clients who want quiet and their own space away from the younger crowd. (These are also sometimes used when two guests from the same family are staying and their owners want them to sleep together but not in a crate.) We know that some owners prefer to bring their own crates. No problem! We recommend that you bring an item of your clothing such as a t-shirt that has not been washed. Placing this in their crate often provides security and a sense of home for your pet.

So if you’re looking for a place that will make you
and your dogs happy… bring your dogs to Happy Dogs
Daycare and Inn.

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